Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Scarebug Tutorial

This for all the urban gardeners out there... a window box size scarecrow, we’ll call him “Scarebug”.

You’ll need:
2 pieces of wood (I used pencils)
1 ping pong ball (easy to find in a pound shop or any sports shop)
A push pin
Clothes – either make your own or nick a Ken dolls
Black permanent marker
Stanley knife or scissors

  • Bind your pieces of wood into a cross to make a body and arms

  • Cut the top off your ping pong ball then draw a face onto the ball using the permanent marker

  • Attach the ping pong ball to the scarebug body. I used a push pin. We’ll be filling the head with dirt later so don’t make any big holes!

  • Dress for success! You can make a shirt out of scrap material or just ‘borrow’ one from a doll.  You could go one step further and stuff him with dried grass if you want an authentic scare! He can’t bend his arms, so you may want to sew his shirt on.

  • Stuff your scarebugs head with dirt and sprinkle seeds on his head. Cress is ideal, otherwise try any seed you can get your hands on.  Lightly cover the seeds with soil & sprinkle with water.

  • Pop him in your window box & watch his hair grow! (Please do not try this on your Dad or Husband, he won’t think its funny and it won’t make his hair grow!)

Here is my scarebug...he is waiting for his hair to grow!  Let me know if you make a scarebug & how he looks sitting in your mini garden.

Feel free to share this tutorial but please link back to my blog!.

Tune in next week when we'll be making something lovely for Valentines Day

Love,  FunkyCinderella



  1. thats great know what we will be making in half term :o)
    {Dab and a dash.}

  2. That is so darn cool! Love the little guy, I'll totally steal this idea. TYVM!